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Hallo! Welcome to Great Guidelines for Later Life.

My name is Gayle Palmer and I created this course and the various products and services when I was trying to find ways to help my ill and ageing mother (Angie) in her later years.  I could see that there were various aspects of her life which weren’t working as well as she, or I, would have liked. This made me sad and determined to find a solution for everyone concerned.

I am so pleased that you found this website and Great Guidelines for Later Life. I truly hope that they will help you and your family.

Let me tell you a little more about what drives me… Gayle P relaxedface

My Mum had spent the Spring of 2015 repeatedly remarking when I spoke about my concerns (about almost anything)  “Mmm, I have been thinking about that, Darling!”. But, crucially – there was no more comment, conclusion, or even discussion about what she had been thinking!! It was very frustrating and made it difficult to help her. It got me thinking about HOW I could help her..

In my working life I have been an Osteopath for over 25 years. I LOVE helping my clients resolve their physical issues – which are usually pain-based, but not always. I have also always worked with them on a mental, emotional and spiritual basis – helping them to gain balance and insight into their lives and restore better health. I see no distinction between these aspects – as the human “body” in its bigger sense does not either. It is a whole being – with restrictions and disturbances to the whole if one area gets out of balance. You could say that I have a wholistic view to life.

  • Over the years I have recognised that where structures and the functions of life work – the individual is healthy, vibrant, alive. Age has no relevance to this conversation!
  • Where there are challenges – there are many compensations and adaptations – some work better than others. These concerns weigh down on the individual on all levels to lesser or greater extents. By helping to re-balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit – we achieve better health on all levels.

One of the most under-valued aspect of someone’s health is their ENVIRONMENT. The “milieu” in which they live – the soil and air from which they are born, grow and return to.

In short – this includes their life – the bigger picture of it – i.e. where they live, what they eat, how they manage their family relationships, the “technical” aspects of a human’s life which are so contrived and yet so necessary eg finances, legal, medical care, the possessions they have around them – and their mindset and values.


Humans cannot separate from this bigger picture – and in trying to manage a modern life – their bodies, minds and spirit cannot either! The biggest challenge we face today is how to get harmony in this – for ourselves and our loved ones – so that it all works well for us!

Great Guidelines is my passion and my gift to help people rationalise and create their lives so that they are supported now and as they approach the end. The aim –  that they live powerful lives with freedom, ease and peace of mind.

It’s a big project, and it will continue to grow all the time as it evolves. I hope that you will join me in my quest and that it brings you as much help and enlightenment as it has for my family.

I have created the Great Guidelines for Later Life and the associated courses, plus various free gifts and resources to help everyone through this time.  I feel a bit like a crusader helping people manage and resolve their “demons”. I hope this helps you too.


What makes Great Guidelines different? As children and throughout our adult life, we have structures to help support us – eg school, a job, a hobby, a small house to a larger house, a family etc they help us to grow and develop ourselves.

As we approach the later years and death – there is NO STRUCTURE to help us de-clutter / downsize, re-appraise our lives and the “stuff” we have accumulated over a lifetime.

LETTING GO is not how we are “set up”.

There is also NO STRUCTURE to help us prepare for our own final journey and help our loved ones to accept this. This sounds rather morose, it isn’t meant to be. Dying can be a peaceful release but to achieve it there is some work to do beforehand.

In fact – our PAST – as this is what it is, actually becomes a hindrance to further growth for ourselves. The ability to be truly complete and at peace with ourselves and our life seems to be getting less attainable for many. I do not believe that it is impossible though!

Further, you will have heard people talking about the “final journey”  and “going it alone” etc – but I hope you can see that in the same way that we came into the World with nothing, that is also how we leave – except we seem to amass a lot of stuff along the way! Mmm – this doesn’t seem to be quite right!

“Learn to sparkle a bit – and others will start to shine too.”

Now I am not saying that there are no people and agencies which try to help – and I know that many do a good job, but, when I was looking for help I could only find bitty resources. No-one seemed to see the big picture! It drove me crazy! So I decided for my Mum’s and my own sanity that I would create the structure to help and manage the “whole life” side of our existence. I have tried to then split things up into manageable chunks whilst still be present to the ideal of a whole, good life.

It’s not perfect, it will never be the complete answer for everyone – but it is a well researched, honest approach and I hope will be of immense value to generations across the World.

Hooty_for_site_icon_trialLet me introduce you to two friends as well – “Hooty” – the wise, all-knowing owl who symbolises the transformation of life as we age. Hooty is a friendly bird who is here to guide you through the tough times and give you inspiration and hope and encouragement.


tinklookingrightcirclelowres Hooty’s real-life friend is “Tink”. Tink is quite a character with the most gorgeous whiskers! He is a White-faced Scops owl. Cute isn’t he?


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Together we can change the world for the better! Let’s get busy!

Thank you.

In love and light to you and your loved ones,

Gayle Palmer

Chichester May 2016

© Great Guidelines for Later Life. All Rights Reserved.

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