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Gayle Palmer created the Great Guidelines for Later Life course as a response to helping her own mother and family assess what she already had in her life – organise it much better across all areas of her life. She could then keep those parts which supported her the most and either get rid of or sideline those things which didn’t. Finally, once the past was well known and complete – to powerfully choose what she wanted going forward – as there was a clearing and space to step into.

Great Guidelines for Later Life is made up of 12 main topics which relate to important areas of life.

Each of the program offerings are whole and complete in themselves – either with or without access to coaching. I understand that you may need more help though – if that’s the case – please reach out and get in touch. There are specific programmes that can support you at whatever stage you are at – whether a senior or their family.

NB: Not all of the topics included in the signature programme are available individually. Freedom at the End of Life is available as a stand alone product.

Thank you. It is an honour to be of service.

Address: Living Elements Clinic, Keynor Lane, Sidlesham, CHICHESTER, West Sussex, England. PO20 7NL

Business Hours: Weekdays, London Time (GMT or BST in Summer)


Thank you for your enquiry.

Gayle Palmer is an Osteopath a few days a week, so if you do send in an enquiry it may take a day or two to answer.

You may also wish to include your phone number(s) as this may expedite a reply.

You can also connect to us on Facebook – if you have a free account. Please find us and LIKE the page at:

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