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Are you worried about your loved one as they get older?

Are you worried about how YOU will cope too?

  • Can you see that there are a lot of areas of the seniors’ life which may need sorting out – they aren’t working well for them (or you)?
  • Are you worried that if it’s not done now there will be increasingly negative consequences?
  • Can you see that if things are not resolved and tidied up – YOU will end up having to do it yourself?
  • Do you want to know how to move things forward and support the senior to do this for themselves?
  • Do you need guidance for how to bring this up and have difficult conversations with your loved one without causing lots of upset on all sides?
  • Do you want a simple structure for both the senior and yourself to follow?
  • Do you want to be able to access and keep and store all the information easily?

The reason behind Great Guidelines for Later Life

Being able to help your loved one and care for them, support them and enjoy your relationship with them can be a double-edged sword for many family members and friends of the senior. As time passes they may become far less able to look after themselves, make their own decisions and enjoy their lives as they, and you, would wish. This is upsetting. Time keeps passing by and opportunities get reduced.

You can see that taking action as soon as possible is essential.

tinklookingrightcirclelowresYou can see the concerns that the senior may have about their lives and the accumulated stuff of life which they would like to get complete and tidy – and you want to help them to do this. You just don’t necessarily know how or even how to broach the subject.

You can also see that if nothing is done – some or all of this “work” may end up landing in YOUR lap!

For myself, my Mum had a lot of possessions which in her later life she was not able to take care of for herself, and it looked like this would become my responsibility. and that this would need addressing sooner than later.

I could see that there was a lot of my Mum’s possessions and life out if she died before this was complete and it was in my interests to help her achieve this aim. In addition it would take away much worry and concern and overwhelm from my mother too, Knowing that she would have everything organised would give me peace of mind and enable a better relationship without these huge areas of concern being in the way of enjoying spending time with her. It’s the proverbial “elephant in the room”!

Completing the various elements and modules of the the Great Guidelines for Later Life course brings everyone increased relatedness, peace of mind and freedom to create a future which is NOT hindered by their past.

Why should you consider doing the course?

You probably don’t consider that you are old enough to do this course. This “conversation” is the same for many people – and it isn’t related to a specific age either! 70 year olds think this just as much as 20 year olds and 50 year olds.

But – consider this: accidents, acute life threatening illnesses and more DO happen. No-one is immune to this risk.

The truth is that none of us ever feel it is the perfect time to do this work, life does not hang around to wait for us, and things can and do happen. I have lost count of the number of people who have procrastinated about this and it has cost them dearly in every sense of the word.

Why not take part in this course proactively? What will support your family the most if you get started today you will feel immediate peace of mind and that will only increase.

Top Tip for making progress quickly: You could do this at the same time as the senior who is also doing this – as a way of supporting each other and being on the same page.


What are the benefits of doing the course for yourself?


It is so easy to think that…

“I am too young to start thinking about the end!”

“This can wait a few years yet.”

“I have a whole lot of living yet to do before any of this..”

Well I may agree – but this is also not necessarily true! – It’s what we like to tell ourselves – so we don’t have to take action!

If you get things organised and sorted NOW –

 YOU get to live your life free from the constraints that the past impose on it!

Now this is REAL FREEDOM!

  • Freedom from concern.
  • Freedom to make choices.
  • Freedom to create your life – not just get through it because that is what everyone else does!


Why should you consider doing the course yourself



Take a stand for yourself and your life

By participating in the Great Guidelines for Later Life course you will be achieving a number of targets in one go!

You will get your own “house in order” on levels that you cannot even imagine right now!

You will be supporting yourself and your aims to their highest goodGayle P relaxedface

You will be supporting your family – of all the generations – as a result of participating yourself

You will be giving yourself the gift of peace, freedom and self expression now and looking forward

This is a gift which keeps on giving!

If you do this work in conjunction with a Senior this will enhance BOTH of your outcomes immeasurably!

You will achieve all this in a supportive and constructive environment – by being part of the Great Guidelines Community.

Completing the various elements and modules of the course brings everyone relatedness, peace of mind and freedom to create a future which  is not hindered by their past.

Are you ready to play the game of life?

There are will be and are various course options available to you.

Freedom at the End of Life Course is available now. There are also a selection of Freebies you can download too.

The Great Guidelines for Later Life Signature Programme deals with a wider range of topics in life and will be coming soon.

For further questions please email wecare@greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com Thank you.



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