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GIVEAWAYS and FREEBIES just for YOU and your loved ones.

Just to help you get started thinking about and finding solutions for life I have created some free takeaways. Enjoy.

First of all get your Great Guidelines Starter Kit.

This is 16 pages of valuable, life-saving content – just download and print off for immediate use and peace of mind. 


This contains a

  • useful daily health checklist and planner,
  • PROVEN, LIFE SAVING medical history form,
  • a Hospital Bag List and information in case of an emergency, or if someone else has to organise a bag for you.

Plus there is an End of Life Assessment so check how well organised for your final years and months and afterwards!

There is also more detail about the Freedom at the End of Life Course and about the Great Guidelines for Later Life originator, Gayle Palmer.

Get prepared – Accidents and incidents happen!

Being prepared is part of being a responsible adult.

You cannot know what will happen in the future for sure or at what age. But you can take sensible steps to make sure that if you have an accident or an emergency occurs that whoever finds you can take the appropriate and safe action.


Why is completing a Medical History Form so important?

  • Once completed it can be put somewhere obvious for the emergency services to find
  • If you are found unconscious you cannot say what is wrong with you, or be able to answer questions
  • If you are disorientated or unable to communicate you may answer incorrectly to essential questions
  • The medics or your family will not know your whole history
  • If they don’t know your medical history you may be given the wrong or inappropriate treatment
  • Your list of prescriptions may not tell the whole story
  • Your prescription list may be out-of-date
  • It gives you and your family peace of mind

THIS simple information COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

I have found that even your own Doctor or Hospital Doctor or other professionals are amazed at how much and what useful information they can obtain from this simple yet powerful form!! (Not sure what this says about them..)

I know that this simple form has already saved at least 2 lives – and it could save yours too!

Valued at £29 but actually PRICELESS!

Download your Medical History Form from here: FOLLOW THIS LINK

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