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Great Guidelines for Later Life was conceived to help seniors and their families alike, create and achieve a fulfilling, peaceful and as harmonious a later life as possible. We try to provide solutions that are easy to use.

Courses, resources and workshops to get things organised in every area of life before it’s too late.

The Solutions which are available currently in summary are:

The Great Guidelines Starter Kit – a 16 page free download – We recommend that you START HERE

Your End of Life Matters – the online workshop. A one-day introduction to this work On Weds 22nd April 2020

The Later Life Assessment – Get yours here for just £7

The Freedom at the End of Life Course – see below for more details and to purchase..

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Your End of Life Matters - the online workshop

The workshop is taking place on Weds 22nd April 2020

Come and join us for a day of revelation and getting through some of the documents that will make such a difference to your peace of mind for both you and your family…

In these scary times – we have even less certainty about what is round the corner – but YOU can help to future=proof what happens with some planning and implementation.

Details about the Workshop here


This is Freedom at the End of Life Course.

This is for you if:

  • you have a deep desire to not leave your family and friends with a pile of work, heartache, upset and distress at the very end of your life and afterwards that has to be cleared up
  • you want to have true peace of mind at the end knowing that everything is in place as you want it to be
  • you want security and clarity about your choices for life and death
  • your family and support networks know what you want and don’t want going forward
  • you need a thought out, clear structure to follow and guide you
  • you want support and the option of personal additional guidance or counsel as you make your decisions
  • you need help with letting your family or friends know what your last wishes are
  • you want your choices to be clearly written down and for your family and the professionals to be able to follow your instructions
  • and there are many more individual reasons too…

This is just one module of the 12 modules that are in the larger Great Guidelines for Later Life Signature Programme.

Freedom at the End of Life is divided into four major topics:

  • Dying,poppies

  • Death,

  • Funerals and Memorials,

  • Bereavement and Grief.

Each topic is made of workbooks, checklists and guidance for how to achieve freedom in each of these areas – for everyone concerned. They can be worked through individually or in discussion with family or friends or carers or professionals.

The important thing is that something is WRITTEN DOWN – even if its not a final version. The notes can be used as a journey and guidance to your final wishes – which help everyone at this difficult time.

Whilst you may think that you are too young to do this – or too old – it’s not true! The gift of freedom and peace of mind comes with knowing that you have done everything that you wish for yourself and your family IN ADVANCE.

Be free to choose your life – not be stopped by the past or fear.


If you are still unsure and sitting on the fence – I understand – but it’s a sore place to sit for long! So please bear with me a bit longer and then choose powerfully for yourself.

Answer these questions…they may help you to decide if this is something you want help with.

  1. Do you have a Living Will? Do you know what one is?
  2. Do you know what an Advanced Life Directive is? Have you got one in place?
  3. Have you expressed your wishes to your family / a friend / your doctor about what you want to happen as you near the end?
  4. Have you nominated someone to look after your funeral arrangements?
  5. Do you know what you want at your funeral service?
  6. Have you told anyone what your favourite hymn or reading may be?
  7. Are you concerned about having a green burial because you don’t know what one is but think it may be a good idea?
  8. Do you know how your funeral will be paid for and what happens after you die to your money in the bank? (It has big implications!)
  9. Have you got a favourite charity or organisation you would like to be supported when you are gone from donations or do you want your mourners to buy masses of flowers?
  10. Have you set up your family and friends to create a “good funeral” or do you want a strictly orthodox one?
  11. Do you have a list with contact details of those people who you want the family to get in touch with after you depart?
  12. Do you know how to set your family free from despondency and grief when you are no longer about and free them to create a new life without you (whilst not forgetting the good times)?
  13. Do you want to SAVE money on funeral expenses? I teach you how! And it will save you easily more than the cost of the course altogether!
  14. Do you want to save time and money with a solicitor sorting out the legal aspects of dying and provision for eventualities? I have provided the necessary forms for you – just complete them!


How did you get on?

If you can answer “yes!” to all these questions and have done all these things and more – amazing!

WELL DONE! – Sadly I know that this is probably only 1% of the population, if that!

If you are in the latter camp – i.e. there are still many aspects to out in place before you die…
buying the Freedom at the End of Life Course is probably the best option.
You can buy one of the two options – either a straight download or a printed version.


Just from answering these few questions have you still got aspects to start dealing with, think about or complete – or are you just STUCK?

The alternative when you take no action…

  • leaves heartaches,
  • worry and concern for yourself and your family whilst you are still living, and even
  • more upset when you are no longer about to help or advise or express your wishes adequately – this can marr the memory of happier times that they have of you
  • you may not get the death and funeral that you want without your express wishes being known and described fully
  • it costs more money from your Estate to get things sorted out later – leaving less for the benefactors
  • the cost of the course will be handsomely paid back in actual savings
  • it costs you so much energy not having things sorted out. (You don’t believe me? What are you most worried about with regards to getting older and dying? Thought so!)
  • you will SAVE masses of upset for years by taking the course – what you would be prepared to pay for total peace of mind?!

It makes no difference what age you may be. These important conversations are still 100% relevant.


I thought I would share with you some of the benefits of completing the Freedom at the End Of Life Course for myself and my family…

Gayle Palmer writes: Gayle P relaxedface


My Mum got seriously ill a few months before she died – she had kidney and heart failure and ended up with severe pneumonia as a result. She was in intensive care for weeks (8 weeks). It wasn’t “planned” and she was in a foreign country too.

Before she died we had discussed her last requests and what she wanted for her funeral etc.

Every single document and work that I had done up until that point for Great Guidelines we used for my Mum. Thank goodness I had created these to guide us through a difficult and emotional time!

It helped her new medical professionals, it helped the family, and it gave her some peace of mind.

Despite everything she was calm. There was no fear. In the end she died in her sleep.

We also knew what to do afterwards – at a time of great upset, after weeks of hospital emergencies and constant care.

The gift of completing the Freedom at the End of Life Course to her, myself and my family and her friends was PRICELESS.

This is now available for YOU and your loved ones too.

Please – grab it with open arms and a willingness to get things complete.

I am here to help and guide you all the way!

The cost of the Freedom at the End of Life Course is just £197 for the straight download option – This is less than £50 per module – Remember there are 4 modules which make up the course.

Alternatively, there is the printed version of the 200 page + course and includes a custom-designed ring binder for £235.


The Great Guidelines for Later Life Programme is currently under development.


This groundbreaking course
  • It is made up of 12 topics which are essential to everyone in life, at whatever age
  • Each module will be available in stages, one a month, to allow the participants time to take action in a committed way.
  • Is presented to allow easy access to the material with workbooks and worksheets
  • Piecemeal access stops overwhelm for the participant – whether they are a senior or a family member
  • The course is provided either in a downloadable for or a pre-printed form – which includes binders and separation tabs so that there is clear organisation from the beginning. There will be plenty of room to add your own notes too.
  • There will be live coaching and calls each month to support the course
  • One call will be on the month’s topic – going into more depth
  • One call will be a Question and Answer call – and can be about any topic!
  • There is a live Facebook group just for participants
  • There are extra bonus gifts during the course

The value of taking the course cannot be over-estimated!

To take someone from overwhelm, despair and constant upset when they look at many aspects of their life

to order, direction and give them peace of mind with no regrets is HUGE!

It will totally transform not only their life but also their families.


The 12 topics included in the course are:

  1. Maintaining Health, wellbeing and vitality – it includes sections on exercise and nutrition
  2. Medicals Tree of Life.FBpost (12topics)
  3. Money and Finance
  4. Family and relationships
  5. Home and lifestyle
  6. Mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  7. Possessions
  8. Legacy and Gifts
  9. Freedom at the End of Life
  10. Legals
  11. Getting Organised and
  12. Creating a Future

As you will agree – these are essential aspects of everyone’s life – and as one gets older – and needs change, so learning how to adapt to this needs to change too. This can be really difficult to do – whether as a senior or for their families to shift their thinking.

Great Guidelines for Later Life is here to help guide and facilitate the changes in a harmonious and supportive way – for the greater good of the participants and their family and community.

If you wish to speak to Gayle about this in person or find out more when the course is launched, and to take advantage of the Early-Bird bonus option when it becomes available – please email her at wecare@greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com

Thank you for your patience – it will be worth the wait!

Gayle signature

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