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Your End of Life Matters – The Online Workshop

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The intention for this groundbreaking workshop is to get clarity about what you want for your own End of Life – the choices that you have for life and in death and to create written plans.

It is suitable for any age, but especially for “50-somethings” plus, who want to powerfully deal with what’s so about the choices that there are at the end of life without the emotional attachment which can stop you before you begin.  

Without clarity and knowing what you really want, you can’t put your “order” in to the Universe to have it manifest. It also costs you a lot of mental energy to keep unfinished.

You may be frightened about dying and want help to get this area of your life sorted out well in advance.

In addition you may be realising that your parents are in need of help and don’t know where to start, plus they need someone to talk to who can listen and stay relatively detached about the result. Your parents health and end of life decisions may also fall to you – so knowing what they wish are of paramount importance.

It is also ideal for seniors who are looking to create the last years of their life and death on their own terms. It will take the weight off your mind and a lightness to your being. There won’t need to be any arguing once the documents are done and even once you are gone, your wishes and voice can be heard, respected and make a difference. 


Your End of Life Matters – the workshop

Format of the Day


This is a full day workshop.

We shall be exploring your values to life and death, that are unique to you.

From this we shall create your dying wishes list in alignment with your soul.

In turn this will go into creating your Advanced Directive. This is a legal document, often called a Living Will. Did you know that without this being completed and signed (along with Powers of Attorney), your family have NO say about what they want for you or any way of being listened to by the medics at the time when conveying your own wishes? Your Will has NOTHING to do with this!

After lunch, we shall continue examining what options there are for funerals and disposing of your body, and other ceremonies.

We will create a funeral plan / wish list which may or may not include what other members of your family may need to know.

The funeral plan can be given to those who need to use it at a later date, e.g. a solicitor or funeral director or family member OR as a discussion basis for ongoing family discussion and awareness. Plans change over time and as you will be relying on your family to carry out your wishes (and how they want to remember you) this is a good thing to get clarity on.

Creating this for yourself can be exciting and freeing, plus save much heartache and arguments for those left behind, at a time when they are least able to create a worthy occasion or think clearly either.

Finally we will finish up by Creating Your Future Life without the fear associated with having this “unfinished-business” hanging over you. You get to decide how you want to live your life – free from the constraints that the past impose on you. Also, find out what could be next for you on your ongoing journey.

NB Your decision to take part in this workshop The workshop may bring up many emotions, concerns and a range of reactions. This is to be expected – some of the decisions can feel huge. The course has been created in such a way that by following the format, perhaps in your own time later too, the various tasks can be completed. Further, this is a starting point for further enquiry and discussion not necessarily an end point.

If you do not feel well enough or have a history of acute depression or other concerns where you do not think that this workshop is suitable for you – please contact Gayle directly on wecare @ greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com before registering for the workshop. This is for your own health and wellbeing. Your own health and wellbeing is solely each participants own responsibility.

Your End of Life Matters – the workshop

Familiarity with the subject removes the fear and gets the task done.

Did you know that many people, especially if they are in their 40’s / early 50’s, may not have been to a funeral?!

Dying and death tends to be a remote and “over there” phenomenon these days, thanks to hospitalisation, an unfounded trust that the medical profession can work miracles and that dead bodies are taken away from the home almost immediately.

Death is no longer related to our everyday life. Unfamiliarity with “what’s so” causes anxiety and not knowing what to think or what to do to progress, makes the task seem bigger.

The realisation and experience that we are mortal can be so shocking that blind fear, confusion and inaction take over. The subject is pushed to one side ongoingly, driven deep into the subconscious (you hope) and simple choices are avoided. This anxiety and tension remains in our bodies and minds though. The cost can be huge on many levels. It stops conversations, being related and tension.

With the advent of the current Coronavirus pandemic this seems to have become an even more afeared event – as it is “not of our choosing”. One of the exercises in the day will be to come to terms with the current state of fear and anxiety. This alone is worth the cost of the course!


The main benefits of the workshop are:

  • Clarity about what you want and don’t want at the end of life
  • Support and structures to help you gain insight
  • Any age group can be helped – as we will all leave the Earth at some point
  • A soul-led exploration of what you want that aligns with your physical and emotional and social needs
  • The legal paperwork gets completed
  • New avenues for family discussions get opened up and explored
  • Your funeral plan inspires you and will help your friends and relatives come to terms with your passing in equal measure
  • You create a new future for yourself free from the constraints (fears) of the past. There is a sense of peace
  • You get the written plans completed – and can move on with life!
  • You have the right structures in place to have peace of mind and they are easy to review in the future.
  • You can help a loved one create their own End of Life documents if they need assistance / guidance

In addition, I know that by doing this workshop you can –
SAVE time in the future
SAVE upset for yourself and your family on many levels
SAVE medical staff or family difficult decisions and conversations
SAVE money on care, hospital and funeral costs etc (It can be thousands of pounds!)
GET the experience that you want at the end of life, as far is possible
GET peace of mind and a freedom in your life right now
GIVE your friends and family the memories you want them to have of you by forward planning
GIVE your family the life and death lessons which will help them after you are gone
LEAVE things tidy and in order

These are priceless gifts to yourself and your loved ones.

YOU are Invited to Join the workshop

Join Gayle Palmer for this one-day online workshop to implement what you may have been putting off, or simply not known where to start.

Your questions will get answered.
Your choices will be respected.
You will have written documents by the end of the day.

Yes. It will be thought provoking. Yes, it will be challenging at times.

Yes! You WILL get clarity, action plans and written directives that your family and professionals alike can use.

Yes!! You will have a sense of calm and peace and relaxation at the end – for the good work which has been done!

Finally – YES! We will be celebrating! 🙂

GG4LL course options

Date and Cost

Course details and what you will need:

The workshop will start at 9.30am online and I hope to complete by 4.30pm.

Date: WEDNESDAY 11th May 2020

  • All the course materials required are emailed to you in advance along with the online link to the workshop.

  • It would be beneficial to have any documents already printed out in advance.

  • You will need a pen and extra paper for your own notes if you wish to take them.

  • You should have a light lunch pre-prepared on the day. Have a few light snacks – biscuit, some fruit or nuts available.

  • Have a large glass of water by your side at all times.

  • Brain work is tiring! – but there will be scheduled comfort breaks too.

  • You will need GOOD internet access at all times but you can use a desktop, laptop, iPad or even your phone. Have a charger handy though.

COST: £150 per person paid for via PayPal in advance. Thank you.


GG4LL course options

This course is exceptional value. The documents we shall be completing would cost you far more were you to get them from the various sources and some are quite unique. This is why, through participating in the Your End of Life Matters course, not only have I done all the research for you but you have your hand held as we go through them and in a timely manner, without the pressure of an emergency situation. Join the other participants now and get some things off the To Do List.


The course materials are in part based on the Freedom at the End of Life Course created by Gayle Palmer. More information about this course is here

This printed course is in a large, personalised, A4 size folder containing much more detail and background information about the aspects at the End of Life and beyond that should be considered and addressed and has four main sections. These are:



Funeral Arrangements

Bereavement and Grief

You can purchase this at the same time and booking for the workshop, at a discounted rate of £220 – saving you £15 off the normal printed price. This offer is only valid when buying the workshop and FEOL printed course folder at the same time.

Note: This additional resource, and associated discount, is available at the PayPal purchase interface only. It is a one-time offer only.

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