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Why choose Gayle Palmer and the Great Guidelines courses to help you and your family?

Years of experience working with her clients has given Gayle Palmer an insight into the challenges and vagaries of getting older – on many different levels! The conversations can be wide-ranging and the solutions are equally varied and individual.

With a background of 25 years serving my clients as an Osteopath and confidante, Gayle is well placed to understand what you may be going through.

Health and wellbeing is NOT just about how you are doing physically, and it isn’t an accident either!

– A life that works takes small, consistent steps each and every day.

Great Guidelines is an extension of Gayle’s life purpose.

Here her clients say more about their own lives and the difference Gayle has made to them. The testimonials may not cover every aspect of life and what is covered in the Great Guidelines for Later Life courses, but they do cover many aspects that are important to my clients – and maybe you too?

My appraisal of Freedom at the End of Life by William

 I think this module is impressive being remarkably comprehensive and presented overall with, on reflection, appropriate sensitivity both in presenting some of the facts and when tackling the most difficult conversations and the decisions that must be addressed by us all.

The course is very good at presenting what’s to be done. I very much appreciate the time, thought, knowledge, skills and re-thinking that have been put into its production. To the extent that I don’t find anything which needs to be added or is missing from the course content. The invitation and space that has been left to add very personal entries and spaces though is important and to be encouraged to be used as it gives you more flexibility and ownership of the portfolio.

I found the most difficult thing was getting started.  Reading and re-reading the contents several times helped my poor brain absorb and sort out the contents for myself. Perhaps this is not a surprise given that the subject can be confronting.

In discussion with my family, I found my “children” the most realistic. The goals to achieve peace of mind and minimize the burden of “sorting things out” for those left behind, when presented in the right way, is very appealing, especially to my children, and I argue is something we can, and of course, we should do this for them.

I had always planned on creating a large manilla envelope labelled “For when I kick the bucket” but taking this course has meant that “the envelope” is so much bigger and more inclusive now.

I have had conversations that I would not have had without the course, and I am taking new actions. For example, I hadn’t considered that I might need a Health Representative or Nursing Care – assuming that I would take a rapid decline after being very active. I can see that this didn’t allow for unforeseen circumstances and I can now avoid unnecessary expenses when the time comes too.

This means the course delivers much value for money.

I have found two sections – Death and Funerals & Memorials very helpful.

Reading the Bereavement and Grief section has allowed me to consider what is within a “normal” reaction or lack of reaction. It is helpful right now, as well as helping me to organise my thoughts. I am now better equipped to “be there” for someone even though I considered myself to be fairly empathetic from previous experience.

On the subject of coaching / getting extra help:- Personally, I don’t feel that I would have benefitted from extra coaching because the course covered all the topics necessary with strategies for approaching difficult ones, and I have professional experience of several of them in practice anyway eg Advance Directives.
I think within each family and indeed friends and neighbours who need to be involved, the dynamics are unique, and for me I just needed to get on with it, having tested waters for too long.

I can certainly see a role for online or one to one assistance particularly for those who are living alone with few accessible relatives. I do think coaching has to strike a balance between giving relatively straightforward advice/instructions and probing too far into very private areas of relationships in order to give correct advice, without causing distress or resentment.

My top benefits include:

  1. Emotionally it has relieved some underlying anxiety which I was not aware was present until it was revealed by reading through.
  2. Practically I am embarking on some refinement of the organization in my study to be more intuitive for third parties who may have to find their way through our affairs.
  3. I have a clear list of enquiries and planning to be done re last days, funeral arrangements etc: and thus minimize the disruption to my childrens’ families and this also will, as you have said, contribute to peace of mind.

    Overall a feeling of some satisfaction about some that I already knew fairly well which is now joined up in more logical order with much you have provided that is new or I hadn’t thought about before.

Thank you for the Freedom at the End of Life Course. It not only encourages us to achieve freedom but avoids unforeseen and unnecessary upsets.

Best wishes,

William from Chichester, West Sussex.

March 2017

Wendy Tilley


I have been Gayle’s patient for over twenty years!

During this time there have been the usual aches and pains – caused from overdoing the time spent in my beloved garden, moving pots etc. and the inevitable problems of older age! These have all been dealt with swiftly.

However, something that I have really appreciated over the years and something that some people may not be aware of – is Gayle’s expertise in dealing with the stresses and worries of everyday life. Listening and being able to find solutions out of the story is a skill.

From dealing with a bad period of family illness, to losing my home due to flooding, to my husband passing away – these all took their toll on me and Gayle was always there for me – emotionally, mentally and physically.

Just a quiet session with her hands on my head with no apparent movement and she cleared my mind and rebalanced my body – I am able to face the world once again.

“She truly does have healing hands.”

I have been very happy to recommend her to my family and many friends over the years, all of whom have been amazed and thankful for the healing results.

Thank you Gayle for everything.

Wendy T

April 2016




I have been going to Gayle for over 20 years, for primarily osteopathic treatment / consultations. SO although the body work and manipulation aspects of Osteopathic treatment with her work well the other consultative aspects – that she uses are unique.  We have talked and have talked and batted back and forward personal issues and concerns that crop up over time. She is a confidante who I value. Her openness and trustworthiness – just knowing that she is on my side whatever happens makes the difference. Some conversations can be difficult topics to talk about with just “anyone”. Gayle wants to make a difference to me, for no gain for herself.

Her new course, Freedom at the End Of Life, has had me look in depth at what I want for myself and my family for the future. I have realised that there are lots of areas that I have not yet addressed having worked through the free End of Life Assessment and used the tick boxes to see where I am at. I can see that with the help and guidance from the course to help me work through the missing areas that I have still to tackle, (even without 1-2-1 personal conversations), it will be of huge value.

The workbooks, worksheets and checklists have the big questions broken down into small questions and answers in a structured way that I can use to create what I want for my future. I can see that trying to answer a question like: “Have I expressed my wishes to my family or friend or my doctor” is too much, but Gayle has deliberately set out to make these challenging topics easy and accessible to solve for everyone through the course.

The added benefits are that she has also provided valuable hints and tips on how to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on fees – way more than the cost of the investment in the Freedom at the End Of Life Course. An added bonus is that it has illuminated ways to have life really work as I get older – for everyone. This is priceless!

I want my family to not worry about me as I get older. My Mum lived to 96 years, I may be lucky enough to do the same…and forward planning the future helps to give me reassurance NOW and going forward. I truly believe that Freedom at the End of Life gives me a great access to sorting out my affairs in a simple, effective and timely manner with as little upset and distress as possible. It should mean that I don’t need to fret as the years go by. I can just go and enjoy it – free from concern!

Thank you for creating the course, Gayle.

Rowland Heath



Linda Hickson


Sue Bone


I came to see Gayle on a regular basis not for a specific complaint, but because over the years I have given my body a bit of a battering with operations and accidents.

Now that I am getting into later life “the chickens are coming home to roost” and I need to keep mobile and also have advice on how to keep well with more of a natural outlook on well-being.

Gayle has been able to do this for me and continues to do so. Thank you.

Sue B.


Idina Waugh


Gayle has generously given much advice at a particularly intense time in my life.

This has covered such areas as exercise, nutrition and life style, thereby supporting my energy and understanding and consequent capacity to cope as I become older. We have also discussed and resolved such issues as tense relationships within the family, giving objective strategies. For example, on how to manage upsets with simple yet deep realignments in my approach. 

I feel greater clarity together with the sense of possibility and indeed optimism growing.

Thank you so much, Gayle.



Liphook Mobility


Gayle! – you certainly unlocked something on Tuesday! It felt as though you’d found the “off” switch I keep to seem losing! Thank you very much.

I started taking the Tre-En-En that day (to help my energy levels and cell health) and have been much hungrier since – although today I feel as weak as a kitten – I can barely move and breathing is exhausting.

I hope this makes you smile – 2 days ago my husband said I looked like I’d had a huge S**t after 5 days constipation!! That’s how improved the anxiety was for me!

Looking forward to more energy soon. I shall keep taking the pills and will be in touch. You have magic hands!



Gayle says:

A lady with severe M.E. symptoms (exhaustion over a few years) came to see me. She is not “old” – only 47y, but her body was not healthy and vibrant. I identified the first place to start was to look at diet – food in and waste / energy out. It was a major blocking point..and had been for a few years. She was basically malnourished! That, along with talking about and understanding some of her concerns in life, her raised levels of anxiety and other areas of stress – and we found a route forward to move along. Combining advice and some gentle cranio-sacral Osteopathy I started the shifting / clearing / cleaning process – hence I suspect the look of release and peace on her face!

I hope that with some more support, coaching, physical treatment and advice – along the lines of Great Guidelines in all areas of her life – many of the ME exhaustive and anxiety symptoms will dissipate quite quickly. This is a multi-level problem and Beth is determined to beat it – and so a multi-level approach is needed – just like dealing with anyone’s life!

NB Great Guidelines or Later Life is not just for whoever you consider to be “older” – the principles are the same for everyone to have a successful life.

“Tre-en-en” is a special wholefood, wholegrain, organic supplement which Gayle stocks in the Living Elements Clinic, Chichester. It is not sold retail but you can order it from this link: http://www.livingelements.co.uk/abd/shop/tre-en-en-p-68.html and you will receive it by post. Tre-en-en is especially noted for improving how the cell membranes work – and one of its effects is to increase energy release from each or the 93million cells in your body! It makes a big difference to M.E.-type patients because it gets the energy moving.



Peter R

Peter Rollison testimonial

“Over the years I’ve seen Gayle a number of times, sometimes for a specific issue, others for an MOT.

I recently visited Gayle again as I was having a number of aches and pains in my back, shoulder, knees and hips. I thought it was finally the ravages of time catching up with me and the fact that I still wanted to play tennis like I was 35 years younger; latterly I had taken to wearing support bandages on my two knees and one elbow so something had to be done.

So within a minute Gayle had diagnosed a twisted pelvis and over the course of just two 30 minute sessions set about putting things right. Now here I am less than two weeks after the second session and I’ve just come back from my first post-treatment run. I am extremely happy to report no recurrence of any injury, ache or pain, all is well. I have also played tennis, albeit rather tentatively at first, and all is well there too.

I would never have believed that one injury could create so many inter-connected problems. That is Gayle’s gift – being able to quickly get to the nub of the problem – on almost any level – and sort it out!

So very many thanks to Gayle and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to prolong their active life and pretend they are still 23! As Gayle advises, I will now ease up but it’s so good being able to exercise pain-free again.”



Dear Peter – THANK YOU so much! I am delighted that all is now working so well – for the 23 year old inside of you fighting to get out! Have a great Summer! Gayle


Can you relate to these clients and their particular challenges?

Do you want or need some help in certain areas of YOUR LIFE? 

Don’t worry – this is nothing unusual – we all need some help and advice at times. It is part of being a Human.

But, sometimes this is better coming from someone who is:

  • Unattached to the outcome
  • Comes from a background of solutions versus listening and dramatising over a cup of tea
  • Can create action plans that really work
  • Able to look at the bigger picture of health and wellbeing – not just one aspect or the current trouble of life

The Great Guidelines for Later Life courses are presented with just this in mind.

If you wish to work with me in a private capacity – please find out more here: http://greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com/work-with-me/


To sign up for one of the courses, or find out more about them - follow the link:

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Hear more about the Testimonials that my clients have given.

You are invited to add your own testimonial and story!

Have you benefited from taking the Great Guidelines for Later Life courses and programmes, or any of the material which we produce?

Why not tell us about your experience and changes you have made as a result of taking part in the course and how they have benefited you. Your comments are welcome and may help someone else too. This is a “pay it forward” opportunity!



Helenor Pottage testimonial

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