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Hallo! My name is Gayle Palmer and I have created the Great Guidelines for Later Life Programme and associated courses and workshops.

These courses can be challenging in the same way that life is challenging. To be able to get life really organised without help and support is probably unrealistic! This is why I offer the opportunity to work with me privately or even in smaller groups.

helpforseniorsI do not take it lightly that you have the courage to ask for help and support in this area. Sorting out your life, or aspects of it, can be very challenging. I understand I was doing this for my own mother, and for myself.

It is a big deal to examine a lifetime of things and work out what helpformidlifersyou need, what you don’t need, what serves you well, and what is no longer an asset to you – on a physical, emotional or mental level. I fully acknowledge that you are brave enough and willing to do this.

This is why I offer private coaching. I am here to help.

Everyone gets stuck sometimes and having a third party, an unattached listening ear for you and to resolve riddles which may you not have obvious answers for, can make all the difference.

Gayle Palmer

Gayle Palmer

My coaching is honest, examinatory, provocative and inspiring.

I am solution focussed!

Each private coaching opportunity is tailor-made to your needs & goals. I recognise that everyone comes with a different history and a unique set of values and beliefs, challenges and desires. A one-solution-for-all does not generally work most of the time. This is why the coaching is a discussion – we work things out together.

We will create a coaching package for your needs. This may be a couple of calls or a regular call for a 3 or 6 month period. It really depends on your needs and where I think I can help the most and how long that may take.

Extra resources: If, during the course of our discussion I feel that tinklookingrightcirclelowresyou could benefit from another specialist or professional, I will recommend them to you. My areas of expertise may not always quite match some areas of difficulty for you – if so, I will refer you to the appropriate professional as required. Your challenges will vary over time and so will your requirements. This is quite normal and to be expected.

Coaching will take place on the telephone – and a recording can be made which you will have access to immediately afterwards – so that you can review it. Taking notes may also be useful.

My coaching rate is £100 per hour.

If you want private coaching and support – please request this here and you will be taken through to a short form to complete where you tell me a little more about yourself and your circumstances and where you need some help after which I will get back in touch to arrange a mutually suitable time.



If you are interested in private coaching please email me here: wecare @ greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com and

  • I will send you a form to complete.
  • We can then have a private conversation so I can assess how best to help you. This is free of any commitment or cost to you.

Thank you.


Gayle Palmer

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