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2016 has been an emotional year for many people because, especially at the beginning of the year, many famous / celebrity people died. They represented the times of our lives – people who were the sound tracks to our lives, or the familiar face to the images / TV programmes and more – which characterised the days of our life. As their influence and impact on our lives and the realisation that they will no longer be fulfilling those roles reduce we are often shocked, distressed and feel a sense of loss and grief, as though they were part of our own family.

Such is the power of the media…

We are still losing people who have brought us many happy memories, shifts in ideas or perception and more. For example just today (Boxing Day 2016) the news hit about – George Michael – who wrote some amazing songs such as “Last Christmas” and taking part in the Freddie Mercury tribute concert with Queen.


Remember earlier in the year – David Bowie, Prince, Harper Lee, Alan Rickman, Nancy Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Sir George Martin, Victoria Wood, Leonard Cohen, Ed StewartBaron (Cecil) ParkinsonPaul DanielsCliff MichelmoreLord Avebury (Eric Lubbock)Nancy Reagan,Pierre BoulezDavid BowieFrank FinlayAlan RickmanSir Terry Wogan,Margaret Forster, John Chilton, Ronnie Corbett, Zaha HadidBarry HinesPeter Maxwell DaviesHarper LeeSir George Martin, Robert StigwoodGlenn FreyBoutros Boutros GhaliTony Warren,  Garry Handling, Victoria Wood,Leonard Cohen, Andrew Sachs, Gene Wilder, Caroline Aherne, Muhammad Ali, Carla Lane, Prince, Sir Jimmy Young, Fidel Castro, Robert Vaughn, Arnold Palmer, Elie Wiesel, Shimon Peres, Burt Kwouk, Peter Shaffer, Greg Lake, Peter Vaughan.

For their families and friends there is of course the immediate shock and upset to deal with, but there are also very practical steps which HAVE to happen from now on. Some are legal requirements, some are financial etc.

These tasks are the duties of a variety of people…. knowing what these are and who has to do them is very important.

I always feel sad for those who are ill-prepared to deal with this task. It doesn’t matter how famous or not they may be… When “Prince” died earlier in the year in the USA, suddenly, with no Will, or clear idea of who was to carry out these tasks I was especially saddened given that he had enough advisers  and money etc to make sure that things were in place.

As our lives and families are often more disparate, the close family and friends are often not about and do not know what they have to do. This is particularly so of the current 40-60 year olds. Dying and death has become an increasingly remote event – away from the family. The body is removed to the funeral directors etc. It used not to be like this.

Perhaps because of this separation between the emotional upset and the physical reality there is less knowledge and more difficulty in talking about and taking action pre-emptively before the event occurs – for all generations.

Getting yourself informed and in the know is made all the more simpler by using the Freedom at the End of Life Course. It has been put together to make things simple, easy to understand the choices that are presented and ease the decision making at a difficult time.

One of the challenges is knowing the first step… knowing what to do. Using the Freedom at the End of Life Course and its workbooks and checklists makes it understandable and there is a clearly defined progression. It also lays out what to do IN ADVANCE of someone dying that can make all the difference too.

If you want more information – which helps all generations – then go to this page. You can also purchase the course directly, right now and start to get things in place before the event. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

The peace of mind knowing you have done what you need to is immense for all generations. Take action now and get prepared. Here are the details about the Course.

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