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According to some research from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy the likelihood of fracturing a hip in a patient with dementia is three times as likely.

Also, they found these clients much more difficult to manage in line with their treatment guidelines due to a lack of resources in the community and if they are restricted to their own homes.

Following a hip fracture the physical, social and psychological components needed for recovery in patients with existing or suspected dementia are much more limited.

As a result only 40–60% of people who sustain a hip fracture recover their pre-fracture level of mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living.

Hip fractures are the third most common cause of admission into an acute setting and lead to high levels of mortality and morbidity. The management of hip fractures can be more challenging if patients have dementia. It is estimated that 40% of people who fracture their hip will have coexisting dementia, which equates to approximately 32,000 of the 80,000 people who sustain a hip fracture per year in the UK!

So – what can you do to prevent a hip fracture, with or without dementia being present?

  • Take regular weight bearing exercise
  • Fit hand bars / grips where necessary eg near door entrances, on the bath
  • Practice regular BALANCING exercises
  • Keep hydrated – ie drink water often and regularly – this helps ALL mental capacities and helps to make up for any drug reactions you may have – which makes balance and other problems increase
  • Go to regular exercise classes or practice at home – there are even sitting exercises which can be done that will help
  • Walk on level, firm ground regularly
  • Eat well and healthily – if you do not eat as you should you will become malnourished – and it is easier than you think. This then leads to increased likelihood of dementia and other health issues.

No excuses to not eat properly – and to start this NOW! Good nutrition helps to prevent dementia too.

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