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Have you considered just how fleeting life can be?…

Let me explain with an example from my own life…

As you may know I sail a boat, regularly, well race actually! I go out usually with crew and its fabulous. But, over May Bank Holiday in 2016, whilst my crew and I were transferring from one boat to mine she caught her foot on the edge of the boat – and fell headlong forwards onto the deck of my boat. Ooops! You wouldn’t usually give it much consideration except that I had to make sure that she didn’t fall in totally as her bottom half was in the water. (We got someone to give me a hand to pull her onboard and get her safe.)

Clearly my crew was winded and a bit shocked – no surprise there! She was totally lucid and coherent and hadn’t bumped her head especially. I asked what had happened and she was clear about tripping by catching her toe as she leapt for the boat.

But, it was an easy decision about NOT going out sailing in the afternoon! She was partly wet – (although the water was apparently warm!) but had a change of clothes – so no problem. Her car was on the opposite side of the river to the Clubhouse so after a short interlude she was taken over, at her request. I went out to crew for someone else who was short of crew having said “call me to let me know you are ok.”

Once I got back to shore I called her – on all her phones, and messaged – no answer. Odd.. Nothing to worry about especially.. with spasmodic reception for mobiles and a nice, sunny, warm day I thought. But I couldn’t get hold of her in the evening either… Worrying…

Mmmm, what to do?! I didn’t have any of her children’s contact details and she lives alone. I called the local A&E department – but couldn’t get through – despite trying – new phone system and clearly they were very busy! So I tried again very early the next morning – 6am. This time it worked. “Yes!” She had been in, and was then transferred to Southampton General from Chichester the previous afternoon…. uh-oh! This means its serious.

Called Southampton – and got through to where she was – in intensive care. “Oh help, that isn’t good!”, I thought. She had split the kidney lining in the fall – which had caused a big internal bleed – and she might need operating on. Oh, and also broken her shoulder! All this from a simple trip!! :-0

And then it hits you!!… Accidents can happen “just like that”.

Life can change in an instant – and you have no control over it.

“Could I have done anything different?” (No) “This is serious” (maybe she could die!) – or at least be out of action for a while … and more thoughts pass by and around your head….

Then – you realise that just ONE little incident / mistake is the difference between life and death!

It makes no difference how old you are, just the odds against you are greater as you get older that you might not survive.

Thinking in this way – i.e. what difference could I make and How could I be more prepared for an accident gets you prepared for life, and death. Both thought and consideration and action are needed to make this adjustment.

What might that person want to say or do if time is close? ….. It’s a big and important question!

Well I saw this set of challenges a while ago with regards to my Mum – she wasn’t well and there was lots of “stuff” to sort out.

What I got to see really clearly was that …as people get older there is NO STRUCTURE to help them or their families, create a life they love and want, and to get rid of the effects of the life they have already have and that no longer serve them.

So I created the structure, with Mum’s help. It is called GREAT GUIDELINES FOR LATER LIFE. Sadly Mum died in Feb 2016 so she didn’t get to use and implement all the aspects and topics that I created to help her…but she did use ALL that I had developed up until then!

LIFE can change in an instant – and I know you want to protect your family as much as possible from upset, danger, harm and worry. Being prepared for eventualities does this, on so many levels.

This amazing course is available to you starting in 2017! It covers all the main aspects of life and death that are vitally important to people and their lives e.g. family and relationships, health, their home and lifestyle, finances etc.


What I can tell you about this groundbreaking course is this:

  • It is made up of 12 topics which are essential to everyone in life, at whatever age
  • Each module will be available in stages, one a month, to allow the participants time to take action in a committed way.
  • Is presented to allow easy access to the material with workbooks and worksheets
  • Piecemeal access stops overwhelm for the participant – whether they are a senior or a family member
  • The course is provided either in a downloadable for or a pre-printed form – which includes binders and separation tabs so that there is clear organisation from the beginning. There will be plenty of room to add your own notes too.
  • There will be live coaching and calls each month to support the course
  • One call will be on the month’s topic – going into more depth
  • One call will be a Question and Answer call – and can be about any topic!
  • There is a live Facebook group just for participants
  • There are extra bonus gifts during the course

The value of taking the course cannot be over-estimated!

To take someone from overwhelm, despair and constant upset when they look at many aspects of their life

to create order, direction and give them peace of mind with no regrets is HUGE!

It will totally transform not only their life but also their families and friends lives!


The 12 topics included in the course are:

  1. Maintaining Health, wellbeing and vitality – it includes sections on exercise and nutrition
  2. Medicals Tree of Life.FBpost (12topics)
  3. Money and Finance
  4. Family and relationships
  5. Home and lifestyle
  6. Mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  7. Possessions
  8. Legacy and Gifts
  9. Freedom at the End of Life
  10. Legals
  11. Getting Organised and
  12. Creating a Future

As you will agree – these are essential aspects of everyone’s life – and as one gets older – and needs change, so learning how to adapt to this needs to change too. This can be really difficult to do – whether as a senior or for their families to shift their thinking.

Great Guidelines for Later Life is there to help guide and facilitate the changes in a harmonious and supportive way – for the greater good of the participants and their family and community.

If you wish to speak to Gayle about this in person or find out more when the course is launched, and to take advantage of the Early-Bird bonus option when it becomes available – please email her at wecare@greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com

Thank you for your patience for a little longer – it will be worth the wait!

I am so grateful for being able to help my Mum in this way, it was a burden off my mind (and hers) and I know will take away much of the angst for your own life and circumstances.

Create a live you love – rather than trying to survive it – it brings a new perspective to all aspects of life.

Gayle Palmer

© Great Guidelines for Later Life 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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