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Ever wondered how OTHER PEOPLE see you?? What would they say is your essential character?

Is this the person who you imagined you would become as you got older?

Everyone has a perception and image of who they are – but have you ever wondered if this comes over the same to other people or do they see someone else looking back at them?!

It is a really insightful question to ask your friends and family – and endeavour to not get upset by the responses! Allow them to just tell you the truth – and then deal with the bits you don’t see as congruent, without trying to justify your own point of view!

This is a brilliant exercise for anyone to do – at ANY age! Try it out!You may also be surprised by how accurate some of the responses may be.

  1. First you need to ask the respondee to be open and honest and say what is there for them. i.e. you are giving them permission to be honest with you, and not hold anything back!
  2. Secondly you also need to promise to them to not take what they say as a personal slight or that it is rude! (This can be the hardest part). The reason for this is that it is possible that what they say could scar your relationship, if YOU let it! Take it at face value, and consider it as the truth, even if it may not be… it is their opinion!

What have your learnt about how others see you?

Put a comment below, and how this makes you feel…keep it light.

How do you see yourself? and How do you WANT to see yourself as you get older?

These are quite different questions! DO they match up?

Here are just some of the ways of BEING that you could be… how would you or how have others described you?

  • chic
  • calm
  • patient
  • loving
  • kind
  • sophisticated
  • fun
  • healthy
  • creative
  • bossy
  • crabby
  • worn out
  • grumpy
  • in pain
  • hilarious
  • mad
  • dotty
  • stylish
  • crazy
  • naughty
  • cheeky
  • educated
  • confused
  • energetic
  • sexy……
What have you learnt about yourself and where you are going?
What would you like to change if what you have seen is NOT what you want to be going forward? Is this going to take a big change or a little change? How can you make that difference starting from now?

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