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Life is not a Right, although simply by being alive, one may think so! By the same token, BEING Healthy is also not a Right!

LIFE is not a given – but we believe that it is.


In fact, when one looks more closely at “Being Healthy” what does one mean? YOUR health may be very different from someone elses…
You may consider it ‘normal’ to have some difficulty breathing if you have asthma and live in a polluted city, but it would be very unusual if you lived in the Himalayas. The only difficulty breathing there is down to the low oxygen levels in the air itself, not your ability to expand the lungs sufficiently. So as you can see defining healthy is not easy either.

Health as an entity has a range; from vibrant good health to serious illness and death, and everything inbetween.

Our bodies are always in a state of flux. This is called homeostasis. This is good, as our internal milieu is always changing in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Let me ask you a question…
How healthy do you feel right now?
How confident are you that you can mantain this level of health over time – say the next month, six months, years..?
How confident that you can improve and increase your level of health so much that it increases your
* quality of life
* quantity of life (duration)
* productivity right now and in the future.

If the answer is less that 70-80% for each of those questions, consider that there is some work to be done, and you need to increase your knowledge base such that you can achieve your health desires.

..one good way is to put yourself on the Great Guidelines for Later Life VIP Signature Programme – it is designed to achive just this!

I have even made it simple for you with a range of different options for you to choose. The higher the scale, the better the results!

Don’t you think YOU DESERVE this? I certainly do.

For more information contact me on we care (at) greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com 

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