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Adapting the house for those who need more grips and hand holds and levers can be annoying. Often as time goes on the positions need to change to suit the needs of the user(s). What if you could have fully adjustable ones which can be moved quickly and have extra safety features so that even those who are blind can have confidence that there won’t be an accident?

Suction cups are not new – and they do the job admirably but are not always 100% reliable – but we have found these products which, although expensive, we think more than make up for it with their adaptability of use. The unique aspect of these products is that the degree of suction (vacuum) that is produced can be measured – and monitored. Thereby making their use very safe.

Mobeli quattrobath

They are made by “Mobeli” and in our opinion could revolutionise accessibility and care for many people in their own homes or work places. These quality products are made in Germany.  Read more about them and watch the videos here: http://www.mobilegriffe.de/index.php?id=2&L=1

You use them on tiles for a brilliant grip, but if your own wall surface is not non-porous there are stainless steel plates which can be used to solve the problem or grip.

Take them easily on holiday with you too – they pack down well.

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