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Bereavement and managing the various stages of grief which one can go through can be difficult. There are various strategies and some are able to come to terms with what has happened better than others. This is to be expected. We all have different reactions to a loss of a loved one or friend.

Bereavement Counselling

If the strategies are not working, or you cannot adapt and move on or are just emotionally overwhelmed seeking help is important. It is a sign of strength NOT weakness when you know and admit that you need some help. The British-way is to struggle on like a martyr, but it often has the reverse effect on yourself and others around you. It can also be destructive.

Bereavement counsellors are especially trained to help individuals through the grieving and bereavement process. They can use varying techniques to help and advise on all sorts of aspects of life after someone has departed. They may be particularly useful where bereaved children and young adults are concerned.

The first part of coming to terms with the loss is acknowledging that there are feelings of loss and loneliness. Then one can begin to move forward at a pace that suits you and your life.

Grief and the mourning process can be just as difficult for the young as it can be for the elderly. Age is no reducer or increaser of pain where grief is concerned.

You can access bereavement counsellors through:

  • your GP surgery
  • self referral – do an internet search or look up a local directory
  • via various bereavement directories or associations e.g www.counselling-directory.org.uk/ or CRUSE.

ALWAYS make sure how much you will be charged and how long the appointment or series of appointments will be for. What may be required of you. Be comfortable with the person who you see – not all personalities are compatible. It doesn’t mean that the counsellor is incompetent – just that they don’t suit you.

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