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This sounds so trite and and such an obvious phrase to use, doesn’t it? I mean really! “Tell me something I don’t know!”

Here is the distinction! Listen carefully….

“KNOWING is not the same as DOING.” Gayle Palmer

We know so much – but do we take the actions? Not so often.

So what are the daily actions we need to take to make a helpformidlifersdifference to our lives, health and ultimate longevity?

Well all the best ones are REALLY simple! That is why they WORK. If you are unwell though, especially if you are chronically unwell e.g have a long term
disease such as heart failure, asthma, cancer, IBS etc you are going to have to take further actions to get well. Start here though..

Basic things to understand:

  1. You can’t live without oxygen for more than a minute or so. If you have problems breathing, or the air quality is poor, or you don’t have a good transport system (blood) the net result is you WILL be ill. Period. It may only surface as wheezing and loss of energy but less energy depletes EVERYTHING. This can be helped naturally!
  2. Water is needed for every chemical and physiological activity in the body. No water = you die!
  3. Poor nutrition stops all the body’s amazing processes from working properly – you may be alive, but it is a precursor to major illnesses. MOST people are actually malnourished and don’t realise it! Sadly your Doctors – get next to no nutritional training in medical school – so they are the helpforseniorsWORST people to advise you or even know about health and how to attain and maintain it! Luckily – you can choose what you put in your mouth and you get to practice several times a day!
  4. Maintain your immune system to stay healthy. Even if you fail to look after yourself in other ways if you support your own immunity you can survive all sorts of things, even cancer! It’s proven.
  5. Support your Nervous system as this acts as the information highway for your body, mind and spirit to work as a whole unit. It has greater powers and tricks than you can know! It only gives up when you die!

So, now you know some of the basics – what daily actions can you take?

Drink plenty of water, preferably filtered. Try to avoid too many stimulants e.g. tea and coffee.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day – at least 6-8 if you can and of all colours. They contain micronutrients and minerals which are vital for life. (This is a lot of bulk – so how about juicing them up – it also helps the digestion.)

Get some exercise – each day. Walking is probably the easiest and best for everyone – we are designed for it. But also get up and stretch regularly. It helps the circulation and immune systems work amongst other things.

Look after your emotional and spiritual well-being each day – smile, have gratitude etc.

So if you want a checklist of these to put on the wall as a reminder – as I know its easy to forget – it is in the Great Guidelines Starter Kit. Download it by hitting the button below – its completely free.


I know I have only touched on the real basics – but these WILL make a difference. For much more detail of how to stay healthy and well the best source is enrolling on the Great Guidelines for Later Life programme. It’s a 12 month, highly detailed programme which addresses ALL the most important areas of life and getting older.

If you have found this helpful – please let your friends and family know or share it on social media. Thank you.

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Gayle’s experience of over 25 years as an Osteopath, treating thousands of people and helping them through similar worries and concerns only strengthens her knowledge and commitment to you too. Her expertise is not only in the physical realm but emotional, mental and spiritual too. All Rights are Reserved.  

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