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For most people when you mention the word “Legacy” they think of something you leave in a Will. This conversation is NOT about that type of legacy though  (although there may be aspects of it in there.)

The type of legacy I am talking about is this:

What legacy will you leave which is worthy of your life?

Each moment of our day we are creating a legacy. It isn’t something that happens right at the end of our life!

Try this for another question:

Is the World a better place for having me in it?

What am I leaving as a result of what actions or choices that I have made and how has this shaped things?

What legacy will you leave that is worthy of your LIFE-

We each have an ongoing opportunity to create a legacy for others. Exciting yes? But what makes a great and lasting legacy?

It is when you are aligned with your fullest self, your real truth of who you are and what you are passionate about and brings the greatest joy. This is because when YOU are aligned you can touch, move and inspire others.

What legacies will you leave behind, and also create to day to ensure that the legacy does its job?

Some examples: be a loving and present parent; create an environmental project in your local area; be remembered for a stand or project that you stood for; be a loving or kind sibling; developed a beautiful garden.

The world needs the expression of YOUR greatest joy. This is what legacy is about.

Legacies are based on your beliefs, your actions and their impacts in that area of life. It could be any area of life.

Therefore – CHOOSE WELL. There is an energy to intention.

  • The area could be about food and what you choose to eat e.g. vegan or sugary foods or home-cooked food
  • what food and drink containers you choose to use eg NOT more plastic water bottles that damage the environment..
  • Behaviours – what you teach your children, employees or mentors
  • Money – whether you spend or save, and how you do this.
  • Money management and creation eg ethical shares or eco-buildings vs not
  • where you live – is it a huge house and only one person living in it and what you drive – a gas guzzler or electric car
  • what you choose to own and keep with you all your life and why
  • Create a business – where you share your knowledge and experience to enhance some else’s abundant life, and get paid for it!

So there are many ways to leave a legacy – which is why one of the topics for the Great Guidelines for Later Life course is about legacy and gifts. It is a much bigger topic than people realise and I have only briefly touched on it here!

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To find out more about this 12-part programme – please contact Gayle directly. wecare (at) GreatGuidelinesforLaterLife.com or follow this link.

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