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For those of you who know me quite well, you will know that when I see that something needs to be done or changed that I usually take action – quickly!

Well, I have recently had a number of clients and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer (more than the usual average that is) and have been wondering how little ‘ol me can help… I am restricted as an Osteopath in a number of ways but then I had a thought!…

NB – THIS info is significant even if YOU don’t have cancer (yet)… as it can improve your health.

Back in January I religiously watched and took notes on a 10-day webinar series called the Truth about Cancer. Each one took at least 60-90 minutes but they were brilliant. The info is not just about managing cancer though – it is 100% relevant for everyone who wants to have a long and healthy life!  I did mention it at the time on the Facebook page (click here to LIKE and follow) but I think only a few noticed or took action themselves.

CANCER -do you want another treatment option or result

Anyway, in the end I decided to purchase the videos on CD etc as they are a great resource base for anyone who is dealing with, or who has “dealt with” the Big C. It is also a fab resource for the families of the patients… as they are often very involved in the whole journey too.

This morning whilst I was out digging up the weeds (always a great past time to meditate with and think) I came up with a brilliant idea!!


To have a series of home screenings – for folks who would be interested. ARE YOU INTERESTED?

I know it could seriously change people’s lives, and the outcomes for their own cancer / lives – as it is preventative as well as gives you positive actions to take – whatever course of treatment action you choose – radio / chemo / diet / hope etc!

So – who is interested? The screenings will be in the Chichester area. Dates and cost TBC. I may also facilitate a discussion after.

If there is enough interest then I will make it happen.

If you are worried about cancer as a possibility or if it is a reality already or if it is for a member of your family / friends – please SHARE this post with others! GIve them the option to choose for themselves. Thank you.

  • Partners are welcome – as often they are more concerned and scared than the cancer host and this can change the outcomes (I will explain when you come!) and a large notebook and pen is advisable!
  • There are NO guarantees in life – but getting informed really helps!

If you are – please get in touch by email or via the facebook page – message me. NB I need to have answers by FRI 3rd March 2017 please!

wecare (at) greatguidelinesforlaterlife.com or Facebook page

Here’s to YOUR health and YOU being empowered to upgrade it!

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