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Apologies, it has been a while since I last wrote a post. Lots of things have changed for me and the World since then..

Let’s get some perspective and clarity about what to do next shall we? Particularly with respect to the Coronovirus issue.

Your own PERSONAL HEALTH is No1.

If you are not looking after yourself properly – you can’t expect anyone else to.

The COROVID-19 VIRUS seems to “attack” the respiratory system especially – lungs, and respiratory tracts. Plus as your body fights it off – its best form of defence is to create a fever and burn it out – so this is another prime symptom, along with a rasping sore throat and cough.

To this end I have created a number of self help videos that anyone can use. I created them for my Osteopathic clients – but they are available for ALL ages and abilities.

Stiff lungs and chests as well as periods of prolonged sitting lead to stasis – stuck fluid and energy. This lowers your circulatory and immune systems making them vulnerable to attach and recovery.

Simple, regular exercises can make a huge difference though. Please be kind enough to subscribe to the YouTube channel when you are there so you can spot when the next video comes out.

Here they are.

DO comment below if you have found this helpful and informative. If you have questions – I also offer tele-consultations – on the phone or via your phone video option which you may find useful.

For those who do not know – I am an Osteopath with 30 years of experience not only treating patients but also giving mind-set advice, exercise advice, plus a range of other skills!

You can book one online consultation here: https://living-elements-clinic.cliniko.com/bookings

© Great Guidelines for Later Life / Gayle Palmer March 2020

Lastly, I have created a whole range of articles on my Osteopathic clinic’s website – many of you will find them INVALUABLE. Please have a look =- there are over 100!



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